View RBRS :: Wish List and Future Legs in a larger map These are a few of the places that I've got in my sights for future incarnations of the "fill the table dog and pony show."

  • West Coast run Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Pullman WA, San Francisco, Loos AnnnnGELLeees
  • MidSouth/Midwest (Hot Springs AR, Columbia MO, Champaign/Urbana IL, Chicago, Louisville KY, Memphis, Oxford MS, Points Deltish)
  • Eastern Seaboard Tables around NYC, Washington DC
  • Texas Swing Houston, Austin, San Antonio, A ranch in Weatherford
  • Across the Pond metropolitan London, a barge in Gascony

Haven't figured out the logistics on these legs as of yet, but i'll keep you posted.

These trips ain't gonna take THEMSELVES, y'know...