Dear Confabbers:

Glad tidings and welcome to New Orleans!

I am Pableaux Johnson, longtime friend of the Confab, local writer, photographer, and cautionary tale for children of all ages.

When I heard you were coming, I wanted to steer you to the culinary wonders that our compact, historic little city has to offer. What we lack in pure size we more than make up for in joie de vivre, alcoholic content and ambient butterfat.  

So to this end, I present to you few recommendations for various edible/libationaladventured in our fair city, most within easy walking/stumbling distance of the Montleone.

Since I'll be working around various deadlines, I'll start with a few liquor-based suggestions to get you started and add little things as we go.

Enjoy the conference and most of all, Eat and drink well