French 75 Bar

A beautiful old parlor-style saloon bar that's home to the inimitable Chris Hannah, America's most understated barkeep. This fussy little room is decidedly old-school and in one of city's Old Line Creole restaurants. They open at 5:30, so a great evening desintation.




Cane & Table

Fantastic room that specializes in complex "proto tiki" rum drinks. Great kitchen and courtyard that's a throwback to Havana, 1923. Take advantage of the seasonally mild weather and tipple a few here. (Caution: No real sign out front, so keep a sharp eye out). 



Bar Tonique

For when you want nicely-made cocktails with a decidedly divey ambiance. One of the better day-drinking bars in the Quarter (on its outer edge, to be exact), especially for the Corpse Reviver #2.