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Back in NO: Sifting, sifting, sifting


The first official leg of the RBRS is completed, and I'm back in the familiar Faubourg Marigney coffice (coffee shop/office), considering life NOT on the move for just a little while. The car is parked, and there's some more moving to be done, and over the next week or so, i'll be writing, posting and processing all the fun I had touring the southeast. Picrtures to come. Recipes to consider. A few thoughts on smuggling whiskey up and sodee water back down. But meantime, here's a few stats on the trip thusfar:

  • Miles: approximately 2900
  • States: 6
  • Stops: 11
  • Pounds o' beans cooked (dried): 22
  • Pounds o' pork consumed: 18

It'll take a day or so of NON motion for the lessons to sink in, but look for more frequent updates in the coming days...

And thanks to all who hosted, cooked and visited on this go-round. T'was a hell of a ride...

Welcome to the Road Show (a brief intro)


The Red Beans Road Show is a moveable feast -- an automotive culinary journey that should take up the better part of Summer 2009. With a crate full of kitchen and a cooler packed with plenty of deep-smoked andouille, I'm currently steering my trusty Subaru wagon (the KITCHNCAR)  through the southeastern US, filling tables with family, friends and friendsoffriends, treating all to New Orleans' Monday night staple: red beans and rice.

If you've never had Louisiana Red Beans, check the header for a basic introduction to the beloved New Orleans specialty, along with recipes, cultural context and ingredient sources.

I'm launching this site from the road (currently in Charleston, South Carolina), so look for it to develop as I make my way through Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and other stops in the weeks to come. Photos, stories and a fantastic cast of characters along the way.

Meantime, take care and somewhere down the road...

best, Pableaux Johnson

Welcome to the Road Show

If you're showing up here today (Thursday, 6/11) , you got wind of the early launch via FaceBook or Twitter. Annnnnnd velllkummmm to the show.

I'm a few parties in the hole (a perfect recovery day in Atlanta, Deutscheish goodbye in Charleston, a Tybee Island kick-turn), but there's no time like the present for a launch. Look for updates and interface tweaks (more pix, bells and whistles) in the coming days.

Better to launch and adjust than wait 'til it's perfect, doncha know.

Meantime, off the computer and on to the road.

North Carolina, you're next...

Monday Map Check: Leavin' TN for Later...


Another Monday finds me shifting the Roadshow itinerary ever so slightly, since life on the road is all about flexibility.

I'm loading up the car today and headed from the beautiful mountains of Asheville back to sprawling Atlanta. The original plan (Maryville/Nashville/Atlanta) got tweaked a bit, but comfortably so. It's been nearly 3 weeks on the road, and i'm looking forward to a little time in Louisiana before the next leg begins in mid-July.

The next leg, as it looks right now, will be Largely Midwestern (including stops in Hot Springs AR, Columbia MO, Memphis, Nashville, LVLL and points other). The wish list grows and changes. It'll be fun.

But now, to pack. Next stop, Atlanta. Birmingham on deck...

Week's End Update:: Headed West


It's been a busy week in North Carolina -- with plenty of cookin' and visits with friends of MANY different eras. There's been rhubarb Berliner Weisse beer, devilled eggs in LSU colors, and the scent of early summer gardenias wafting through the air. I've got plenty of material to work with, but for now I'm packing up the KitchenCar and pointing my way toward Asheville for a visit with the Pixie Twins, Aimee Ellingson and Chuck Krekelberg (New Orleans folks and co-conspirators from our days with the Krewe du Vieux).

ANyway, I know that I'm a wee bit behind on my RBRS write-ups, but to be honest, I've been subscribing to the "live it first, write it later" school of thought. (And not to mention, been cooking a heck of a lot and squeezing in work in between.) So just to keep track, here's a list of upcoming episodes --

  • Savannah GA (on Tybee Island)
  • Raleigh NC 1 (Fast Talkers in the House of Wonders)
  • Raleigh NC 2 (Cook's Night Off)
  • Triangle Reunions (portraits, etc.)
  • Various Roadside Flashbacks

As befits a new project, I'm still working out kinks in the system  (see posted sketch from Savannah) but will likely settle into a short-then-long rhythm as time passes.

Meatime, it's off to the hills. It's been a great time, Carolina. I'll be back sooner than either of us think...

Monday Map Check: No mo VA


So it looks like, in keeping with the show's free-form nature, that the itinerary is going to change a bit. Buddy and former New Orleanian Chad Lavin, the reason for schlepping to fair Blacksburg VA, is being held hostage by contractors in Rochester NY and won't be in the Commonwealth this week.

So the map has been altered just a wee bit. Next stop, Asheville NC sometime midweek.

The intinerary change is noted on the Google Map. (Jebus, i love this new technology.)

Tonight, a gathering at Mr. Dean McCord's place and a cast of the Triangle's food mafia. We have been promised QUALITY TROUBLE for the evening. Oh. Hell. Yeah.