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Raleigh NC

Raleigh NC (Part the Second) : Industry Night in the Triangle (the Sketch)

raleigh crowd (McCord Dance Remix)

raleigh crowd (McCord Dance Remix)


Head Count: 26

The Crowd: Doctors, lawyers, food fiends, brewers, book folk, reporters, well-fed tech folk, bakers, local chefs, line cooks, descendents of a famous Marquis, cutlery experts, best 8-year-old sous chef EVER.

Bean Batches: 3 (2/1 meaty to non)

The Stove:. Electric disks, plenty of room itn the kitchen

Quotes of the night (appropriately out of context):

"The walls are carpeted. It's a cat's wet dream to live in this place." -- Dean McCord, Esq.

"I ain't a country cook. You want that? YOU go ask your MAWmaw" -- April McGregor (quoting her mother with total attitude and SERIOUS Oprah neck)

"That's more Chapel Hill people than I've seen in Raleigh in while. It was like the UN." -- Heather Hesketh

"I'm really not that full." (two bites later) "I'm miserable. I can't stand it. That wall is always one bite away, isn't it?" -- Phoebe Lawless

Admirer: "Nice loafers. Are those nickels?" Bill Smith: "Well no... they're yen."

"You know, we've had a lot of spillage tonight." Dr. Marcella McCord, during cleanup triage

Raleigh NC: Night of the Fast Talkers (the Sketch)


Head Count: 10

The Crowd:.Techies, entrepreneurs, labor organizers, sales folk, active and former reporters, translators and the Heaviest Baby in the World.

Bean Batches: 2 (both meaty)

The Stove:. Electric disks, plenty of room in the kitchen

Quotes of the night (appropriately out of context):

"There was no stalking involved. My grandmother had polio. It would have been an easy catch." -- Jeff Alsberg

"And obviously, tequila is a wonderful thing." - Heather Hesketh

"The first time he brought me flowers, I screamed at him for three hours." -- Patricia Ivona MDS Meriera Colburn

"In the Congo, I might have a grill. In this condo, no.." - Rafe Colburn

"It cost me a lot of money to make this cat have fluids." -- HH

"So in Syracuse, I was playing poker with a guy who used to be in the Bangladeshi secret police..." -- Steve Champeon