The first official leg of the RBRS is completed, and I'm back in the familiar Faubourg Marigney coffice (coffee shop/office), considering life NOT on the move for just a little while. The car is parked, and there's some more moving to be done, and over the next week or so, i'll be writing, posting and processing all the fun I had touring the southeast. Picrtures to come. Recipes to consider. A few thoughts on smuggling whiskey up and sodee water back down. But meantime, here's a few stats on the trip thusfar:

  • Miles: approximately 2900
  • States: 6
  • Stops: 11
  • Pounds o' beans cooked (dried): 22
  • Pounds o' pork consumed: 18

It'll take a day or so of NON motion for the lessons to sink in, but look for more frequent updates in the coming days...

And thanks to all who hosted, cooked and visited on this go-round. T'was a hell of a ride...