The Red Beans Road Show is a moveable feast -- an automotive culinary journey that should take up the better part of Summer 2009. With a crate full of kitchen and a cooler packed with plenty of deep-smoked andouille, I'm currently steering my trusty Subaru wagon (the KITCHNCAR)  through the southeastern US, filling tables with family, friends and friendsoffriends, treating all to New Orleans' Monday night staple: red beans and rice.

If you've never had Louisiana Red Beans, check the header for a basic introduction to the beloved New Orleans specialty, along with recipes, cultural context and ingredient sources.

I'm launching this site from the road (currently in Charleston, South Carolina), so look for it to develop as I make my way through Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and other stops in the weeks to come. Photos, stories and a fantastic cast of characters along the way.

Meantime, take care and somewhere down the road...

best, Pableaux Johnson