It's been a busy week in North Carolina -- with plenty of cookin' and visits with friends of MANY different eras. There's been rhubarb Berliner Weisse beer, devilled eggs in LSU colors, and the scent of early summer gardenias wafting through the air. I've got plenty of material to work with, but for now I'm packing up the KitchenCar and pointing my way toward Asheville for a visit with the Pixie Twins, Aimee Ellingson and Chuck Krekelberg (New Orleans folks and co-conspirators from our days with the Krewe du Vieux).

ANyway, I know that I'm a wee bit behind on my RBRS write-ups, but to be honest, I've been subscribing to the "live it first, write it later" school of thought. (And not to mention, been cooking a heck of a lot and squeezing in work in between.) So just to keep track, here's a list of upcoming episodes --

  • Savannah GA (on Tybee Island)
  • Raleigh NC 1 (Fast Talkers in the House of Wonders)
  • Raleigh NC 2 (Cook's Night Off)
  • Triangle Reunions (portraits, etc.)
  • Various Roadside Flashbacks

As befits a new project, I'm still working out kinks in the system  (see posted sketch from Savannah) but will likely settle into a short-then-long rhythm as time passes.

Meatime, it's off to the hills. It's been a great time, Carolina. I'll be back sooner than either of us think...