Monday, December 14

ATL: Monday at the Station

Next show (and last stop for 2015) brings us to ATLANTA for a Monday-night stint at H. Harper Station in Reynoldstown. Featuring deviled eggs and mystery sweet from Jerry and Krista Slater and PUNCH from our favorite Kentucky Colonel (Jerry).

Pableaux's gonna be shaking the tree, because… peaches. 

What Now? It’s a first run of Pableaux’s home-style Louisiana gathering in Atlanta. 

Simple Supper: Deviled eggs, red beans & rice, cornbread, bread puddin’ maybe?, beer/wine (Vegan/tarian beans gleefully provided), Colonel Jerry's Magic Punch, yo.

Timing: Monday December 14 . (Nosh at 6:30, family style sit 7ish, done when we get kicked out.)

Price: $40 all inclusive

Availability: 60 seats

Join us, won't you?